No Deposit Casino

Are you someone who is new to the world of online casinos? Being a new player are you sceptical about investing your money? Choosing a casino that offers a no deposit bonus could be your answer. You must be already aware of the fact that casinos offer welcome bonuses when you sign up for an account with them and make the preliminary deposit. This is a standard procedure for many online casinos. But sometimes some casinos go a step further and offer no deposit bonus to attract new players and retain them. As the name suggests, there is no cash deposit required to claim them. These types of rewards are immensely beneficial for players who are new as they can play with minimum risk. But remember that in most of the casinos there are only certain games that you could play using the no deposit bonus. Check with the casinos for the rules and conditions that might apply.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

There are four different types of no deposit bonuses that one can choose from. The primary criteria of not making any deposit might be the same for all the four, but they work in different ways.

Cash Up Front Bonuses: These are the most common forms of no deposit bonuses available at the majority of the online casinos. You instantly get the bonus deposited into your account when you sign up with the casino. It is real money and varies somewhere between $20 and $50.

No Deposit Free Spins: Another favourite type of no deposit bonus mostly offered on slot machine games. For example, if you are playing a specific slot game as a bonus, you could be provided 100 spins. These are ideally a part of the welcome bonus, but sometimes they are offered as a part of the loyalty schemes as well.

Time Limit Bonuses: As the name suggests these types of bonuses are offered for a restricted period. Sometimes an online casino provides a massive bonus but only for one or two hours. In such a scenario these are called time limit bonuses.

Free Play: Another type of no deposit bonus that is mostly given to loyal members. These are presented in the form of vouchers, and the player can play for free. Games, where one can use the coupon, depends upon the discretion of the casino.

Pros and Cons of No Deposit Bonuses

Ideally, a no deposit bonus means you are not required to make any deposit from your end. Hence using them is entirely risk-free. Despite this, there are specific pros and cons that you need to understand.

Pros *The primary benefit is that there is no deposit required. *Due to high competitiveness the offers are generally high. *Claiming them is easy in comparison to other bonuses. *Helps attract new customers and retain the old ones.

Cons *The value might not be as high as the standard deposit bonuses. *Not all casinos provide them.

No Deposit Casino Games

There is an array of online casino games where one can use the no deposit bonus, but mostly it is the online slot games. Apart from this one can also use the gift while playing online roulette, keno, blackjack and even baccarat. But it is important to remember that the type of casino games where you can use the no deposit bonus depends upon the casino.